Stretched metal mesh welding

specialized since 1965

Stretched metal mesh, processing and finishing

The stretched and perforated metal mesh is applied to the chair frame thanks to the induction spot welding. The mesh is secured to the chair frame just as a tailor, who sews a dress on his customer. The mesh is applied to the backrest and the chair or stool seat through small and close spots of weld, in order to get a seam welding of the mesah to the pipe.

This is a process that requires accuracy and experience, which are characteristics that the staff of the company Officine Bordin gained in many years of practice, commitment and determination. The results obtained allowed us to offer a product capable of distinguishing itself both for the high quality of the manufacture and its unique design.

  • Induction welding of stretched metal mesh
  • Processing of custom stretched mesh
  • Application of stretched and perforated mesh to frames


The stretched and perforated metal mesh is applied to the chair frame through a continuous series of induction spots weld, which create an elegant and homogeneous weld seam. This welding allows to eliminate all the sharp parts of the mesh and to provide a reliable and particular product.


The seam welding allows to shape the stretched mesht on the pipe of the frame. In this way it creates outdoor furnishings of various and particular shapes, at the request of the client. This specific processing distinguishes our company for the attention to details and the extremely elegant finishes.

Stretched metal mesh welding in Italy

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