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Chairs and stools frames production

Officine Bordin, welding of frames for chairs and stools

The factory has a surface area of 2000 squared meters and numerical control machineries are used in order to produce increasingly reliable and detailed products. When the pipes are bought, we always control their quality. The process begins with the cutting and the brushing of the unit ends in order to remove the sharp burrs.

The next steps are the bending and the molding of the several pieces that make up the chair frame. Then there is the technologically advanced phase: the welding of the several components, which is carried out by relaying on the precision of robots with high-level features, which are controlled by an highly specialized staff.


For the production of chairs and stools with stretched metal mesh seats and backrest, the process continues in the latest generation electric point welding unit with rolls or fixed point welding. Years of trials and field experience allow us to create a solid technological basis, thanks to which we can work a wide range of models that stand out for their design, elegance and attention to details.

The finishing of metal product for furnishing is achieved thanks to the collaboration with external companies, which deal with the painting and chrome of the details and the finished products.


Specialized in the production of metal outdoor chairs and stools

Cutting and bending

Cutting and bending are the first steps for the production of a metal chair and they are performed very carefully in order to have precise and easy to work details for the next step.

Welding of frame pipes

The details of the frame are placed on molds and blocked by proper brackets and clamps. The welding robot welds the details in the best way, according to the operator’s programming.

Stretched metal mesh welding

The stretched metal mesh is welded by point welding unit with rolls or fixed point welding. The accuracy of the close sequence points allows to achieve excellent results both from the aesthetic point of view and the mechanical one.

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31039 Riese Pio X (TV)
Tel. +39 0423 483 234

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